2002 honda crv whistle noise

When I apply the brakes, it stops. Research the yearly spend on gasoline for every Honda in our database. When I apply the brakes it stops. A chugging noise could mean a blockage in the exhaust system. *tt. Depending on what kind of tire you buy, it will generate more or less noise but also more or less traction, wear resistance, and so forth. Hi. Installing these cargo bars took over 4 hours after having to run to the hardware store to get replacement parts for the wrong screws shipped with this kit. Equally so, the faster you drive the more wind noise you will hear. It's a good vehicle. You are right that most How it works; Why would me 2002 Honda CR-V make a squealing noise when hitting the gas honda crv 2. Jan 20, 2009 · Why is my 1997 Honda Civic Ex making loud engine noises when accelerating? Besides the noise, I can feel the vibration from the driver's seat. . Below is a list of complaints & problems filed against the 2004 HONDA CR-V. Tire noise can also be the result of something faulty, such as abnormal tire wear or a broken belt. Honda tells us the latest model is rammed with significant improvements but then struggles a bit when they are listed. 1997 Honda Cr-v Technical Service Bulletins. After it shifts into gear it seems to go away. Dec 14, 2012 · * X-Trail launched in 2001 * Find out the common problems it suffers from * Tell us if you have had problems with yours Mar 27, 2012 · A look at the three main signs that you need to fix or change your oil pump: low oil pressure, high engine temperature, and noise. Honda S2000 AC Expansion Valve May Cause Whistling Sound When AC is Turned On - 13 reports. Why the Honda Civic GX will win Your car engine is making unnatural noises and you don’t have the slightest idea what it could be. unfitgeezer. When the engine hits 3000rpm and higher a loud whistling noise can be herd from the motor. I have a crv-lx with same whistling sound coming from front of engine. Posted 7 years ago. The four-cylinder engine employs variable intake valve timing to optimize horsepower and torque for acceleration and cruising speeds and it's paired with a five-speed automatic transmission. 5 Sounds that Signal your Car Needs Auto Repairs. I would recommend having a professional technician, such as one from YourMechanic, look over the vehicle in order to determine the cause of the noise. Image it is the whistle from the turbocharger rather than from the powerplant itself It’s music to every driver’s ears, like a stirring symphony of harmonized audio frequencies all singing in perfect unison. It rides very smoothly and is great in all weather conditions! Whistle during acceleration OEM Issues. With any Turbo Engine Oil is a very important consideration. Three Toyota mechanics drove it and none know what it is. Any worn seals should be replaced, and windows should be tightly closed. as in if you had sat How to fix power steering pump noise. I seem to have more problems with the LX then the old one kind of wondering if I will purchase another again. to a point that it makes noise inside the timing chain case or cover. It is just there and annoying. I drop the car off again, when the Honda service rep arrives, and he as well as the mechanic that could hear the noise spend 6 hours on the vehicle doing about 9-10 test runs. Prices paid and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. Honda Pilot Diesel Turbo whistle question. My company just gave me use of a '10 Chevy Malibu w/ ~10K miles on it. At highways speeds, 65-80, the noise is much louder and higher in pitch. I have a 2004 Honda Accord ex V6 that makes a whining noise when the car is cold. makes strong noise when accelerating - 2008 at 10:44 PM about the 1998 Honda CR-V EX AWD when i start my CRV there is a noise like a metal fan blade hitting Honda CR-V - Unidentified Noise on a 59 reg Honda Cr-V - Peter. Moderate wind whistle leaked into the cabin from the outside mirrors and around the A-pillars. Focusing on sounder turbor on sale online. it started making the whistle 2. Jan 26, 2019 · Four Common Car Noises, Their Causes, and How to Fix Them I have a 2002 Honda Accord se 4 cylinder & I hear clunking noise while driving and it pops when I’m I rev up the engine when parked (being manual transmission, not moving, in neutral, and with parking brakes on), and it does make a similar whistling noise but it's definitely not as loud. If the whistle persists, then it's not caused by engine or transmission components. Pros: 1) The auto gearbox is smooth, but can be sluggish when acceleration is required. Whenever I return from a long road trip (1-3 whistling noise would be drowned out by the road noise, the engine  19 Nov 2015 Here is a list of some of the most common sounds your Honda might make as you 're driving, and suggestions of what might be causing them. ) I get a whining noise every time I start my car and during a low speed what is the cause of this? Do not have that problem with my other Honda EX 2004. . It has, for instance, daytime running lights. Jul 01, 2008 · My CRV does n't have sun roof or anything. The Five Overlooked Car Maintenance Items How Preventative Maintenance Can Help You Avoid Catastrophic Repair Costs Tire noise correlated with pavement type and conditions. I️ modified I️t into a single bike carrier, by removing the 22” extension and inside bike holders. Under the circumstances, your plan to "play hard ball" with a Honda dealer with whom you have no existing financial relationship seems, well, naive. The most recently reported issues are listed below. com 18 Jan 2015 hi I was wondering I just brought a 05 cr v se and when the rpm round 3-4k it makes a whistle sound, it stopped when I let go of the gas pedal. How to Troubleshoot the Exhaust System in a Toyota Camry Q: I own an older vehicle with higher mileage. FWIW, you need to be realistic here. It does sound faster though with speed. 1 cause of belt noise is misalignment. Mar 14, 2014 · I’ve just spent a week in the Honda CR-V diesel EX, which is a big and quite expensive bucket of nothing at all. What Does That Hissing Noise from My AC Mean? Hissing isn’t a good sound in many situations, and this holds true for your air conditioner. If your hose pipes swells when engine is hot, then this could be the cause of whistling. Its free to use too!! Put the car in neutral at 50 MPH and let the engine drop to idle. At 70 mph if I put the gear on neutral the noise goes away and comes back when shifted back to D4. All cars will generate a certain level of wind noise, which is audible inside the cabin of the vehicle. The only negative with the car is that Honda had some issues in the transmission design for this generation. Through trial and error, we narrowed the noise down to our Rear 2002 Honda CR-V The CRV is a great small SUV, with ample storage space and recreational capabilities. The unfortunate truth is that engine noises can mean anything from a simple quick-fix, to a complete engine overhaul that may not be worth the money if your car has some gnarls in its beard. The Honda Accord is available as a sedan and a hybrid. today when i start my engine theres this funny sound that does not go away, its a high pitch mmm sound. Not so on mine. Some will produce a whistle or whine and others can produce a low moaning noise. 2002 prelude also included. To narrow the possible causes Walker is the only aftermarket exhaust manufacturer in North America with the capability to combine industry-leading coverage with a direct fit OE-style replacement, 100% structural stainless steel muffler, which provides over three times the average lifespan of competitors' aluminized replacement mufflers. Jan 11, 2013 · * Honda CR-V problems from 2002-present * Reliability issues and recalls explained * Tell us if you have had problems with your CR-V Dec 14, 2007 · Whistling noise when reversing? I have a 98 honda civic 1. While the 2002 CR-V is an all-new vehicle, it retains the old car's practical proportions: long, tall and Jun 30, 2019 · What Tools Do I Need To Test The Fuel Injectors? To test the fuel injectors in your 2. 4-liter engine has a die-cast aluminum block with a single main-bearing cradle design that creates a rigid assembly to help minimize noise and vibration. I called the Honda (toll-free number: 1-800-999-1009) and reported the issue. I have an 02 CRV 256,000km When driven with little throttle everything if fine. In order to be able to post messages on the Chevy TrailBlazer, TrailBlazer SS and GMC Envoy Forum forums, you must first register. The Honda CRV is a reliable SUV with proven pedigree. I took a drive with the tech and the noise, which started at 35 mph, was immediately diagnosed as a wheel bearing. For instance, when a transmission is making a whining noise. Jun 21, 2017 · just a quick info. It will run smoothly when you turn a corner. 0 L Toyota diesel and apart from it being noiser on startup when COLD there is no whistle. I would keep digging. com Car Forums! Read real discussions on thousands of topics and get your questions answered. In order to figure out how to fix your power steering pump noise, it can be helpful to understand why your power steering pump gets noisy in the first place. The source of the information below is the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), which maintains TSBs for vehicles sold in the United States. 4 I VTEC are the base models, the rest have this new “earth dreams” 1. Naturally, when it’s windy outside, you’ll hear more wind noise inside. Here's a basic list of tools you'll need to test all four fuel injectors: A multimeter. the only thing done was change engine oil and top up coolant water. The problem. High Pitch Squeal from Engine While Accelerating discussion on the TexAgs Automotive forum. Problem: Every morning after a night sitting still, when I start the engine (AC not ON), over 9000 pig birds are released with a violent roar that almost can shatter any glass, it lasts for about 8 ~ 10 seconds and goes away,does not occur later on if I List of 1998 HONDA CR-V Factory Technical Service Bulletin - TSB | AutoCodes. The noise comes from the engine area not the tranny. Mr. Does the car  2010 Honda CR-V - Whining noise that varies with RPM This whining noise has been driving It sounds like someone blowing a whistle from far away. - Answered by a verified Mechanic for Honda Sep 01, 2003 · I have a 2018 Honda Odyssey Elite, and three months after buying it we started hearing an intermittent high pitched noise. 4-liter i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine Accord's 2. i just done my servicing yesterday. Honda owners’ transmission problems are not a surprise to Dennis Madden, the chief executive of the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association. Narrowing down the specific time the whining noise occurs can help decipher the exact cause for a mechanic. Then the whistling noise kicks in at 70+ mph. Apr 02, 2015 · Honda Civic: Why is My Car Whining When I Press the Gas Pedal? This article will go over the four potential reasons behind that whining sound. if cold start there's no sound. Find Whistles Simulator 2 available for purchasing now online! Wife wants a new crv and the only models with the old reliable 2. Sounds from under the hood, although low key, left no doubt the engine is a fairly big four-cylinder. Yes, the Roadmaster MX Base Plate Kit # 1541-5 that you referenced is what you will want to use with your Roadmaster Falcon 5250 tow bar for your 2002 Honda CR-V. Your oil pump A failed PCV valve may also cause noise. George told me he'd do all he could to fix it, and he did. In some cars, it could be caused by a noisy alternator bearing. power steering whine or whistle noise. It tends to have a favorite rpm but i can't tell which rpm's because DX doesn't have a tach. I️ purchased a fat tire Rad Power Bike and needed a heavy duty 2” bike carrier. Owners may experience an intermittent heater blower fan, on one or more of the speed settings, or the fan may not work all, or only on full power, or may be stuck on full power. Prices can start at $40-$150 or more for a minimal tune-up that includes replacing the spark plugs and inspecting the spark plug wires, but it typically costs $200-$800 or more for a standard tune-up that can include replacing the spark plugs, wires, distributor Identifying Weird Car Noises. 2017 Honda crv- ex / stalling on freeway vehicle identification number 7farw1h57he006679 on may 29, 2018, my car which has 16,0000 miles on it, started making a horrible engine noise, cylinders misfiring, loss of power and stalled while on the 405 freeway, I began to panic due to fact I was in the fast lane. 1996 honda crv staring system fuse blown 2001 honda cr-v low cylinder compression; 2002 honda pilot no communication with ecm 1999 honda odyssey whistle noise The Honda CR-V is very reliable. Gurus in the house I need your assistance. Honda crv 2002 high pitched whistling sound. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Honda CR-V based on all problems reported for the CR-V. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. ok i have a 98 civic dx and it statrs making a whistling noise at a certain poin in the gas, like i push the gas down a certain amount and it starts whistling and if i  has anyone else experienced this? i have an 08 honda crv and i can't the noise when the rpm is on 2. Learn more about Honda CR-V at the Edmunds. This can be from a loss of vacuum due to the hose not working properly because of a leak, the hose being pinched, or becoming clogged from buildup over time. Madden said that in the 1990s there was a feeling that, “Wow, Honda really makes a great transmission. it usually makes the noise when the rpm is on 2. One thing that may disturb a driver is strange noises, such as squealing or squeaking, coming from the vehicle when the engine turns on. There's no such noise if the gas pedal accelerate is harder/quicker. Get a mechanic to read your engine intake manifold vacuum. You may also see the air forming in the Power steering oil 2002 Crv high pitch engine whistle at 3000 rpm When going up a hill with rpm's above 3000 the engine emits a high - Honda CR-V question Why is my 2005 Honda CRV not holding Frion? I've replaced the compressor, the clutch, the belts, the hoses, and the dual fans, but it still won't hold Frion for more than 2 weeks. noise. It's best to If your car is making a high pitched noise and having air conditioning problems, that may be a sign that there may be a problem with the blower motor, or perhaps blend door actuator. It is a great family car and is very safe. Technician said the replacement trans had the same noise. The EX-L version did the best job of insulating occupants from outside irritants. Apr 27, 2009 · What is causing the whining sound in my car engine ? I had the same problem of whistling noise when I accelerate. Jul 30, 2014 · Diagnosing Misalignment and Belt Noise July 30, 2014 at 10:54am. 2015 Honda Accord Sedan Touring NAVI I4 CVT White Orchard Pearl 2011 Toyota Venza Premium V6 AWD 6AT Blizzard Pearl 2008 Honda Accord Sedan EX-L I4 5MT Nighthawk Black Pearl (Traded) 2005 Acura TSX I4 5AT Premium White Pearl (Sold) 2002 Honda Civic Coupe SiG Veloz I4 5MT Nighthawk Black Pearl (Traded) Sep 12, 2019 · Under normal circumstances, no steering wheel makes noise when turning. A buzzing noise that increases with acceleration could reflect exhaust system problems. Sep 21, 2011 · Honda - Cr-v :: High Pitched Whistle When Going Uphill Sep 21, 2011. In this article, I present some of the possible causes of whining noise while accelerating. And there are ways to try to keep it down. It helps funnel noxious gases that are created as a byproduct of the combustion engine. Jan 29, 2018 · Are you experiencing whining noise when accelerating your car to high RPM speeds? This seems to be a common problem with many cars. The type and level of the noise differs from make to make, depending on type of Valve or how We found noise levels minimal. The easiest way to verify the problem is to temporarily block the vacuum source to the PCV valve and see if the noise changes or goes away. They said they made a lot of adjustments to the door, mirror, cowling, weatherstripping, and they think that the noise went away. To see how frequently Honda CR-V problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. " I was ready to trade the car, and very irate. Apr 19, 2008 · need help. They said they replaced the windshield rubber, but as I drove it back home, the problem didn't go away! • Exhaust gasket vibration – as parts become loose and rub against each other, they can create a buzzing noise that’s reminiscent of a turbo whistle • Exhaust gasket leak – the noise could be the exhaust gases leaking through a gap or tear, which needs to be repaired This is the website for EricTheCarGuy! Here you will find answers to your automotive problems. 19 Nov 2019 I have a 2017 Honda CR-V. And then there are other noises that are decidedly unpleasant and unnerving to hear. 7-3. Any ideas on what it is? We have a 100,000 powertrain warranty and another warranty as well. It seems as though the noise is always there when I rev the engine to about 2000-3000 rpm no matter what gear I'm in. Honda CR-V owners have reported 33 problems related to brake disc pads (under the service brakes category). Don’t forget to ask the community (forum) for help. Jul 29, 2007 · I have the same issue. There is no oil tank. Honda vehicles MY dealer first sent it to their service department. The door lock/unlock relays are built into the multiplex unit on that year CR-V and are not serviceable (See Figs. Then I found George in the body shop. Easy to modify. “My brakes squeak” is one of the most common complaints about brakes. He restored my faith in Honda. Maybe we can solve it. If the noise continues, door seals should be inspected for any small holes that allow air to pass. Like maybe a multi speed electric motor would. It almost sounds like it comes out from the exhaust as well if you are traveling behind. 4L Honda Accord (CRV, Element) you don't need any expensive tools. The noise is especially loud during hot summer time, very annoying. Toyota Tacoma WIND NOISE: MANUAL OUTER REAR VIEW MIRROR - REVISED 121190 11/27/2003 2002 Toyota Tacoma FAN FLUID COUPLING REPLACEMENT FOR INCREASED TOW HITCH CAPACITY 114141 9/21/2001 2002 Toyota Tacoma MIL ON - DTC P0136 116918 12/23/2002 2002 Toyota Tacoma MIL ON - DTC P0770 116920 12/24/2002 2001 Toyota Tacoma Aug 28, 2019 · Why Does my Clutch Make a Noise?. Try the Honda owners forums- they Honda are not perfect. Car and Truck Parts by Make and Model. Interesting also is that when dealer drove another brand new CRV from their lot, it had the same noise, which in my opinion is far from normal. When diagnosing the problem and the cause of the whining noise, take note of when the sound is occurring, such as when the engine is idle, when shifting gears, when driving at a specific speed or when moving from drive to reverse. I was going to mention maybe it was what I call the "Honda There is a humming noise coming from the front of the car at around 65 to 70 mph. She said there are no whistle noise complaints with CRVs in her system. Your path: TSB Home >> 2002 >> 2002 Honda >> 2002 Honda Civic The following TSB(s) may apply to your 2002 Honda Civic. Free Same Day Store Pickup. You bought a five-year old car, you didn't buy it from a Honda dealer, and you (apparently) chose not to buy a warranty from anyone. Aug 06, 2010 · It got progressively worse over the next couple of days until she walked in one day saying, "I can't take that noise anymore. Like squeaky brakes/ needs a battery (I think) or a cleaning of the battery posts. It normally appears 700rpm and above but below 700 rpm the sound is Jul 01, 2008 · My CRV does n't have sun roof or anything. My 1998 Honda Accord jerks whenever I am trying to accelerate from a stationary position. Trying to figure out what the Honda CR-V Groaning Noise on Turns Due to Differential Fluid Breakdown - 170 reports. Keep in mind that a complete flat towing setup includes the base plate kit and tow bar, as well as safety cables, tow bar wiring, a supplemental braking system, and possibly a high I have a 2002 Honda CRV and the problem occurs when I go from a stop and excelerate fast (push gas pedal hard) for quick speed there is a grating/grinding noise with lack of power. There are 468 complaints filed for the 2004 HONDA CR-V. class action lawsuit alleging that the odometers on certain 2002-2006 honda models were overstating mileage Loud howling noise at rear of my 2002 Honda CR-V? I just got a 2002 Honda crv yesterday it does have problems with it. the letter clearly informed me to call any authorized Honda dealer to make an appointment to have the cable reel and cable reel sub-harness replaced and a protective cover on the steering wheel core installed for free. Research, compare and save listings, or contact sellers directly from 198 Odyssey models in Chantilly. After the car was done, I've had engine leaking oil problem. Shop Honda Odyssey vehicles for sale in Chantilly, VA at Cars. Many Honda Civic 7 and Civic 8 owners have experienced a problem with the heater blower not working properly. Particularly rubber elbows as those tend to go bad sooner than the rest of the lines, and odds would be that it would be a smaller hose since one of those leaking wouldn't impact the performance much but would whistle pretty good. In some Jeep/Chrysler vehicles a bad alternator decoupler pulley could cause the same noise. I take it this is a turbo diesel in which case you shouldn't be able to hear intake roar unless there is a hole in the in the ducting somewhere, then it would be a whistle rather than a roar and would affect the performance. P; Car: 2007 Mitsubishi Lancer GL 1. They could hear the noise, but drove other '16 civics and said it was just a "characteristic of the vehicle. If I SLOWLY excelerate then I do not hear the noise. A whistle sound or high-pitched hissing noise in the tailpipe could result from system restrictions. A serpentine belt that keeps slipping off the pulley is another symptom of a bad tensioner. When I take my - Answered by a verified Mechanic for Honda Honda covered it under warranty. Why does the VSA light come on my 2005 honda CRV? I have a 2002 CRV, all wheel drive, with 132,000 miles. that is a mystery. To replace it you'd either have to replace the whole multiplex unit or crack it open, trace out the board and solder in a new relay. Mine was louder he said, but Honda has decided it is "normal". Its just the basic 2007 CRV LX with AWD. However, if there is any problem with the engine or other parts, the car will make different types of noises. How much a tune-up should cost. Engine is Stock. Honda Civic Exhaust Systems. Our site promotes a very large assortment of items at reasonable sticker prices. A whining/buzzing noise coming from the alternator is another symptom of alternator troubles. If you can hear a loud metallic vibration, it usually means that something is touching the exhaust pipe or that a clamp, support bracket or mounting is loose. I'm taking it in tomorrow (hopefully I'll make it there) butany ideas??? 2008 Honda CRV with less than 67000 miles. > Honda CRV Forum > Honda My 93 Legend has developed a strange whining noise when in reverse. The noise is louder then the after market exhaust. 2002 Honda Civic Technical Service Bulletins. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own I received a safety recall letter for the VIN of my 2019 Honda CR-V. This is regarding my 2002 Honda Accord EX 4-cyl w/ 72K miles. A/C compressor "AC compressor noise then failure which ruins entire system" Anonymous, NH (2012 Honda CR-V EX-L 2. and China websites that the voluntary recall includes the 2005-2010 model year of Honda 2006 Honda Crv Electrical 2002 Honda Goldwing 1999 Honda Accord Whistle Noise Sereis Its Displacement Honda Motorcycles Cl77 Honda Parts Sam Swope Honda As the vehicle moves down the road, it forces air through these small openings, resulting in the whistle. Keep in mind that a complete flat towing setup includes the base plate kit and tow bar, as well as safety cables, tow bar wiring, a supplemental braking system, and possibly a high What causes a car engine to whistle upon accelerating? -When I turn the key in the ignition to start the car there is now a weird pause where there is no noise at Order Honda CR-V AC Heater Blower Motor online today. N. e it will jerk for about 5 seconds before normal acceleration occurs. 5 turbo engine. The symptoms of a loose serpentine belt include a loud squealing noise when the engine is started or when the steering is turned all the way to one side. I suspect an air intake noise, but am concerned that other than moving to the Dakota prairies is there a remedy? View 2 Replies Similar Messages: Honda CR-V Engine Problems. Let me begin this tale by stating that two weeks prior I changed out the starter on this same 2002 Honda CRV and that only took 3 hours which includes removing the intake manifold. A whistle's tone undulates, the noise (when it is there) has a stabe tone. Took the car back to the Dealer couple more times for inspection, I have the same kind of problem toyato yaris 2002 whenever I turn my vechine to the left get a screeching noise from driver side front wheel I belive so could be underneath bonet aswell but it's so loud at times aswell also when I'm like driving 15 mph and less the screeching noise is always there. This noise is commonly drowned out by the running engine, but can usually be heard very briefly when the key is first turned to the “IGN” position with the engine off; for that brief period, the pump is priming the downstream fuel Sep 11, 2019 · How to Tell if a Timing Belt Tensioner Is Bad. Aside from offering one of the largest cargo bays in Yes, the Roadmaster MX Base Plate Kit # 1541-5 that you referenced is what you will want to use with your Roadmaster Falcon 5250 tow bar for your 2002 Honda CR-V. Usually, whistling in sync with engine RPM is a sign of a vacuum leak from a cracked or loose hose. (Don't turn off the engine entirely or your power steering and brakes will lose boost. 3L Automatic. There is a large amount of room in the trunk, legroom in both back and front seats, and has easy access. The noise starts at about 55 mph and winds down when we slow down. Average repair cost is $10 at 45,000 miles. Brake noises can be annoying, but can also alert us of an upcoming danger. If I'm lucky, it will sometimes work afterwards if I drive over 40 mph. Sounds almost like a being let out of an air mattress. 2 and it just whistles for a second and then stops. Low readings generally mean exhaust blockage. As your car experiences wear and tear, you might start to hear some new noises while operating  Does it get louder with more speed, or the same at low speed and high? And ' goes away when I turn'. Over time the face of the clutch and coil get . I'd check all the vacuum hoses. Occurs when turning sometimes too. Lastly there is an annoying whistling noise in the duct work for the heat and A/C. 1 & 2). ” I have a 2000 Honda Jan 08, 2011 · “It makes no sense except that there’s a huge Honda transmission problem,” he said. I am experiencing some noticalbe road noise when driving my car. It seems to get slightly louder with speed, the tone, etc don’t really change. (2002 52 plate) if that helps. whine noise on decell at 40-50 mph after fluid changed in rear 2 answers. I have had no issues or complaints about the Honda crv. Please see your Honda dealer for details. 2019 Honda CR-V. “The louder and more frequent the noise, the more urgent it is to get it looked at. Related Articles. Last week my 2010 Honda Accord EX-L started to have this loud humming noise coming from my engine. When traveling long distance at about 75mph, the constant noise of the engine is very distracting to our conversation in the car. (Honda HD Digital Traffic service only available in the United States, except Alaska). It gets louder when rpm is higher. Compare prices of Whistles Simulator 2 and other comparable products. The unique noise your power steering pump makes when something is wrong is due to its specific design. Jun 08, 2011 · Any information on a high pitched whistle noise in a 2008 CRV? Poss has something to do with the fan or fan motor. When you take your foot off the pedal it goes away. this only started after a rear fluid change and putting 2 new tires on front tires on rear are worn have 8/32 tread left has anybody run into this before The 2002 Honda CR-V has 2 problems reported for rattling sound from suspension. I would say it's more likely coming from the driver side front. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. then when i accelerate and change gears it follows. This started happening within a few minutes after driving. tsb list for the 2002 honda civic. Some tire noise, of course, is perfectly normal, the result of the tire material interacting with the pavement. A whistling noise happens only in reverse and the fluid level is fine in the transmission and it is new fluid too. Just like every other car on the market. The CR-V offers a smooth ride and responsive handling. The fuel economy calculations assume annual mileage of 15,000 miles, 45% of which is highway miles and 55% city miles and Forum discussion: I have a '98 Nissan Maxima SE. Jun 14, 2009 · The Honda CR-V is among the best of the compact SUVs. it also seems to do it more when going up and down hills or turns and when the gears level back out, but it's This noise can come from a few different things. When I take my foot off, it's normal. My 2002 CRV whistled which had a roof rack. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store. One of the biggest burdens today for professional technicians and do-it-yourselfers is belt noise, and the No. Its sounds like I have loud exhaust but its from the engine not the muffler. The car seems to drive just fine, but over the last week or so, I've noticed that when I accelerate, I can hear a fairly faint high-pitched whine Overview . Grunt noise Do you have a roof rack? My 2006 RTL does not whistle and has sunroof but no roof rack. If you are having this issue, please make sure to call Honda customer service and report it. This company is not yet accredited. The 2003 Honda Accord, 2001 Honda Civic and 2002 Honda Odyssey appear to be  Honda CR-V. When I put it in reverse or when in drive I also hear a rattling noise but once the car has warmed up it goes away and everything is fine. There's wind noise coming from the side windows / moon roof at speeds between 40 - 65 mph. 2 diesel 08yr 44k - Turbo whistle - sandy56 : Does the CRV make the noise when the engine is warm, when started? I have a 2. My 2008 Honda CR-V emits a high-pitched whistle (dog whistle-esque) when going up hills in central PA. 22 The Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ is available on EX-L trims and standard on Touring trims in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Jan 11, 2016 · Another symptom of a bad or failing PCV valve hose is your vehicle will misfire while it is idling. It’s the sound of automotive health. He is an ASE Certified Master Technician and has bruised knuckles to prove it. My 2002 honda crv is making a loud, high-pitched whistling sound. Upon replacing the upper & lower radiator hoses (as were worn out), the noise disaapeared. Oct 15, 2008 · Before the Pilot I had the Odyssey that has low humming noise when I step on the gas pedal to accelerate nice and easy. It's not hard to see why the 2020 Honda CR-V is one of the brand's top-selling products: It's refined, practical, and well-designed. 4-L 4 Cyl) "Three times we have gone to the dealer because the AC does not work. I've noticed that after starting the car, the first few times I hit the brakes there is a significant "grinding" noise coming from them. It also occurs when I am trying to overtake it will suddenly start jerking for about 5 secods Fuel pumps make a quiet whirring noise in the course of their proper operation. These problems includes information received by NHTSA from consumers either directly or as recorded by the Vehicle Safety Hotline. Honda says it’s fixed but idk Any idea what might be making a ticking noise in the engine after I drove my little honda civic through what i thought was a puddle? water came up over the engine and I got out after a couple seconds but the car died and I had a to wait a few minutes to get it started again. We took it to the dealer twice, and they never heard the noise, but as soon as I got it home there it was. January 12, 2002 though you wouldn't really know by looking at it. " We scheduled with Honda the following week. Brakes make a whistle noise when applied and sometimes a low grown or grinding when Nov 07, 2013 · You may hear a whining noise when you drive your car, and this noise is cause by the Power Steering when you turn the car left or right. Honda Acceleration Whine. (I know the CRV is a unibody, however it has a subframe Apr 18, 2017 · Hi guys,I have been here for a while but I didnt register for an account until now somethings just gone wrong with my car. While most drivers may never need to change their oil pump, it is important to know the symptoms in case you are experiencing problems with your vehicle. I know that Honda tech will think I am from outer planet if I told them that. com honda october tech line information. Read more Honda reviews to learn about other models. S. then once you drive it for a couple of minutes the sound starts appearing. There are different levels of hissing, as we’ll explain here, but the bottom line is that hissing isn’t a sound you want to ignore, especially with summer just around the corner. I get this high pitch noise when accelerating. Nov 17, 2018 · We have seen seized belt tensioners causing a loose serpentine belt to roll off the tensioner. What else could be causing the noise? A: There are many potential causes for a noise of this type. Continue reading to diagnose and repair the issue on your Honda Civic. I want to sell it but want to know what this noise is first Dec 31, 2010 · Honda CR-V owners have reported 46 problems related to automatic transmission (under the power train category). I took the MDX to the dealership 3 days ago, and I just got my car back today. You'll only be using the multimeter to check resistance (Ohms). 5 million vehicles over transmission problem. 07 Honda CRV 66k There is a high-pitched whistle or hoot from the Jan 19, 2005 · Considering that Honda's Accord has one of the world's best diesel Honda CR-V (2002-2005) Image 1 of 4. It is controlled by a round pulley called a tensioner that keeps the line taught as it Turbo diesels will always make a whistle noise BUT if the noise has got louder all of a sudden it’s poss an intercooler leak , or a split it an air pipe , this will def be the case if the car Jul 26, 2018 · Find recommended repair procedures for your vehicle's issue with Cars. If i were to compare it to something I would compare it to a turbo on a ford 2002 Honda CRV making high pitch whistle Just noticed my Honda CRV is making a high pitched whistle noise when accelerated. The exhaust system is an important part of a vehicle. But there are many causes of wind noise. The best way I can describe it, it sounds like a humming noise. Oct 26, 2009 · The Problem: During heavy acceleration the engine makes a very audible grinding/tearing noise. This is easily resolved by understanding the paddle shift. Jan 15, 2014 · Asked in Honda Passport What is a whistle noise coming from front driver side area while driving? The most likely cause of the whistling noise is loose or worn weather stripping around the door Jan 15, 2014 · Asked in Honda Passport What is a whistle noise coming from front driver side area while driving? The most likely cause of the whistling noise is loose or worn weather stripping around the door Greetings everyone, I'm new here and I would like your help to identify the main culprit. Detailed Vehicle Recall Notices and Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) from ALLDATAdiy. There's an engine block, an oil pan which houses oil, and an oil filter. " Anonymous , WI  Why Does My Car Make Noise When I Turn. Mar 31, 2008 · Hello everyone, I have a 2002 honda Odyssey EX v6. i. Centrifugal spin cast iron cylinder liners provide long lasting durability. Honda recalls 1. 6L 4 cyl with 5 speed tranny. On some vehicles, a bad PCV valve can cause oil to blow onto the air filter element. Honda said on its U. Its like everytime I drive it on sport mode ,it makes that whistling noise just like an emergency siren whenever I pressed the accelerator pedal or deaccelerator pedal to slow down and I have tried to put it on D mode but stilll it makes that noise again but its really Jul 04, 2016 · The noise is pretty much always seems to always be there. Jun 20, 2014 · Cause of RAV4's whining noise baffles 3 mechanics. I recently had new fan belts installed after hearing a high-pitched, whining noise, but that didn’t solve the problem. Windows that are not fully closed increase the chances of whistling. I put a piece of electrical tape over the screw/bolt heads on the rack and it went away. First noticable at about 35-40 mph, but it is not very loud and it is lower in pitch. 2 and it just whistles for a second  Would owners buy the 2013 Honda CR-V again? Find out from "Great all around vehicle but has too much road noise and not enough power. If you hear rattling under the car it could mean that the exhaust system has become misaligned. Your path: TSB Home >> 1997 >> 1997 Honda >> 1997 Honda Cr-v The following TSB(s) may apply to your 1997 Honda Cr-v. Eddie spent 35 years in the automotive business with Honda. Also makes noise during deacceleration. Which apparently has problems with fuel diluting the engine oil, lack of cabin heat and gas smell in the cabin. Mar 25, 2011 · Today on my way home from work, my 99 Honda Civic started making a really loud rumbling noise (like an airplane) whenever I step on the gas. com. Nov 10, 2011 · What's that high-pitched whistle coming from my car? The change to the noise once the engine warms up suggests that a gasket surface is not mated properly. The snakelike timing belt on the side of the engine is essential for maintaining your car's performance. Find sounder turbor now. com's list of service bulletins. My particular model has the luxury trim package which is nice. You could probably tell it’s going faster listening to, but still sounds normal. Dec 17, 2008 · has anyone else experienced this? i have an 08 honda crv and i can't figure out why or exactly at what point it's going to whistle. 2002 Honda CR-V. Hi, Recently, I've took my 2002 CRV 4WD to an Honda Dealer for 30K Mile Service. 2002 Honda CRV making high pitch whistle Just noticed my Honda CRV is making a high  25 May 2018 Hi, the noise you are hearing is the ac clutch engaging against the the pulley and then releasing. Hiten. 2002 honda crv whistle noise